Fraud Is on the Rise. Are You Safe While Shopping Online?

29 May 2018

The internet has nothing short of revolutionised the way we shop. However, as cybercriminals continue to target retail websites and their customers, only the Da Vinci Choice card can offer consumers the protection

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5 Ways to Help Organise Your Finances with the Da Vinci Choice Card

22 May 2018

For anyone looking to bring order and coherence back to their personal finances, the Da Vinci Choice card is here.

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Beat the Cybercriminals with the Da Vinci Choice Card

24 April 2018

As more and more of us are embracing the convenience of shopping online, cybercrime has now become the most common crime in the UK – only the Da Vinci Choice card can offer consumers the protection they need.

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Join the Payment Revolution Today: Register for Your Da Vinci Choice Card

17 April 2018

With cybercrime and card fraud rife in the UK, creating a culture of anxiety when it comes to consumer payments, it’s time for a payment revolution and a new solution to keep our wallets safe – it’s time for the Da

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A View From the Front Lines: Cyber Crime and Contactless Payment

11 April 2018

With nearly four in ten (39%) card transactions in the UK now being made either online or with a contactless card, according to data from The UK Cards Association (UKCA), security is becoming a key concern – only the

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Why You Should Care About Open Banking

5 April 2018

Essentially, the concept of Open Banking pertains to a series of reforms to the rules which govern how banks deal with customer information. Admittedly, that doesn’t sound too exciting. However, these reforms – which

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Da Vinci Choice Card: One of the Most Disruptive Technologies Around

3 April 2018

Today, the pace of technological innovation is incredibly fast, with new, disruptive solutions emerging all the time that are changing the ways in which we live, work, and organise ourselves – and the Da Vinci Choice

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Is the Da Vinci Choice Card Right for You?

29 March 2018

The way you fund purchases and make payments is about to change forever with a brand new product that’s at the forefront of the FinTech revolution – the Da Vinci Choice card.

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A View from the Front Lines: Digital Wallets and E-wallets

26 March 2018

With digital wallet and e-wallet usage steadily on the rise, the future of real-world payment technology edges ever closer – and the Da Vinci Choice card has its own secure and unique take on this exciting revolution.

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Why Chip & PIN is No Longer Good Enough for Contactless Payments

19 March 2018

Contactless payments have truly taken off in the UK, but security remains a key concern – only the Da Vinci Choice card offers a solution that provides the perfect balance between convenience and risk.

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