Is the Da Vinci Choice Card Right for You?

29 March 2018

The way you fund purchases and make payments is about to change forever with a brand new product that’s at the forefront of the FinTech revolution – the Da Vinci Choice card.

The Da Vinci Choice card is the start of the next big thing in personal finance. In a world where sophisticated cybercrime and card fraud is on the rise, we need a funding card that does more to keep our money safe.

What’s more, we need a card that’s accepted everywhere, that keeps our financial data secure, that ensures a consistent and uncomplicated shopping experience no matter how we’re funding our purchases, that enables easy contactless payments, yet eliminates risk should we lose the card, or have it stolen.

Accepted anywhere in the world where Mastercard® is accepted, the Da Vinci Choice card is the all-in-one solution to these growing concerns and inconveniences. What’s more, with enhanced security and payment protection features, the Da Vinci Choice card has been designed specifically so that payment fraud will become a thing of the past for all who use it.

The Da Vinci Choice card is indeed the card of choice for lovers of new technology and nervous shoppers everywhere.

But is it right for you? Let’s see…

Do You Currently Carry Multiple Funding Cards in Your Purse or Wallet?

Most likely you do. You will of course have your debit card issued by your bank, and each and every adult in the UK is today walking around with an average of two credit cards in their wallet as well.

We do this because we need to have the option of paying for things the way we want to pay for them. Sometimes we want to make a purchase straight from our current account – and so we keep our debit card with us in order to do so. Other times, however, we prefer to use a credit card – perhaps to fund a large purchase which we can then pay back over time, to boost our credit score, or take advantage of some of the great offers that credit card companies make available.  

Whatever the reason, we need multiple payment options, and so we need multiple payment cards.

However, with multiple cards, we need to remember multiple PINs and codes every time we want to use them – and the more cards we’ve got, the harder it is to memorise them all.

The Da Vinci Choice card offers a simple and convenient solution. A highly sophisticated electronic payment device, the Da Vinci Choice card allows you to link up to eight of your existing Visa®, American Express® and Mastercard® funding cards into the one. All linked cards can then be used to simultaneously fund the Da Vinci Choice card as you use it to make purchases over the counter, online, over the telephone, or when withdrawing cash from an ATM – and you only have to remember one single PIN.

Check out the short video below so you can see how it works.

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If you carry multiple funding cards with you and need a more convenient way to spend with them and memorise your PINs – the Da Vinci Choice card is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Do You Want Payment Freedom No Matter Where You Shop?

Of course, another reason why we need multiple funding cards is because not every retailer will accept the card we want to use.

How many times have you gone to pay for something, only to hear the words, “Sorry, Sir/Madam, we don’t accept that card here.”

It’s frustrating to say the least.

The Da Vinci Choice card is the unique solution. Indeed, it’s the world’s first EMM integrated polymorphic-payment ready universal card. Polymorphic payments are where every retailer accepts whatever you want to pay with, and the resulting method of payment is secure.

Using the Da Vinci Choice card, you are able to select any of the cards you’ve linked to it when making a purchase anywhere in the world where Mastercard® is accepted (which is pretty much everywhere) – regardless of whether the retailer directly accepts the funding card you want to pay with or not.

No more fumbling around in your purse or wallet looking for an approved payment method – just whip out your Da Vinci Choice card, enter your secret four-digit Da Vinci PIN, select the card you want to use, and there you have it - payment complete.

If you want this kind of payment freedom, the Da Vinci Choice card is the only card for you.

Are You Looking for Greater Payment Protection?

Cybercrime and card fraud is constantly on the rise. In fact, online fraud is now the most common type of crime in the UK, with one in ten people having fallen victim to it, according to data from the annual Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW).

(Image source:

In addition, as reported by Financial Fraud Action UK, fraud losses on UK-issued cards is the highest it’s ever been, with £618.0 million lost in 2016 and a further £366.4 million lost in the first half of 2017.  

From identity theft to phishing scams, pharming scams, lost and stolen cards and compromised ATMs – criminals are making off with millions of pounds of our hard-earned money every single year.

The Da Vinci Choice card protects you against it all.

The Da Vinci Choice card cannot be cloned or copied, meaning that you are safe from identity theft. What’s more, the Da Vinci Choice card cannot be used until you enter your secret four-digit Da Vinci PIN directly into the card itself. This means that it doesn’t even matter if you lose your card, so long as you haven’t revealed your secret PIN to anyone, nobody will be able to use it – nor any of the funding cards you’ve got linked to it – except you.

Once you enter your secret Da Vinci PIN, the card then generates one-time codes that you use to make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM. These codes are completely worthless once used, so it doesn’t matter if a shoulder-surfer spies you punching them into a card reader or cash machine, or if a cybercriminal is trying to steal your card details to make fraudulent purchases elsewhere. You are always 100% protected.

The inherent risks that come with contactless payments are also eliminated with the Da Vinci Choice card. Once again, you must first enter your secret Da Vinci PIN into the card itself before you can tap and pay, providing the perfect balance between convenience and risk.

If you want peace of mind that all of your payments will always be 100% secure, the Da Vinci Choice card is what you need.

Do You Love Innovative New Technology?

Who doesn’t?

With all the enhanced security features and the ability to link all of your funding cards into the one, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Da Vinci Choice card is nothing short of a masterpiece of engineering, technology and innovation.

The Da Vinci Choice card is much more than a regular card. In fact, it’s a whole computer that slips neatly inside your purse or wallet.

Including its own battery, microprocessor, capacitive numerical touch keypad, eInk display screen, and supporting electronic components, the Da Vinci Choice card is nonetheless a product no bigger or thicker than the funding cards you already with you today.

It’s slick, beautiful, highly-functional, 100% secure, and ultra-convenient. In short, it’s everything a funding card should be – and if you’re a lover of innovative new technology, the Da Vinci Choice card is the only card on the market today for you.

The Da Vinci Choice Card – For Lovers of New Technology, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

The Da Vinci Choice card is the card of the future. Brimming with cutting edge technology and offering security and convenience without compromise, the Da Vinci Choice card is a must-have accessory for lovers of new technology, those concerned about financial fraud, and everyone in search of an easier life.

If you’re looking for a better, faster, smarter and more secure way to make payments, you’ve found it with the Da Vinci Choice card.

Launching in 2018, embrace the future of card payments and register for your Da Vinci Choice card today. 

Written by: Simon Hewitt, CEO,

Simon founded Da Vinci based on his passion and expertise in the information and financial security. As a leader in his field, he loves to write about his observations in order to help progress the industry as a whole.