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17 April 2018

With cybercrime and card fraud rife in the UK, creating a culture of anxiety when it comes to consumer payments, it’s time for a payment revolution and a new solution to keep our wallets safe – it’s time for the Da Vinci Choice card.

Today, as consumers, we put ourselves at great risk every time we use our funding cards – be it to shop online, in stores, over the telephone, or when withdrawing cash from an ATM. We simply don’t know which websites we should trust with our credit card information, which emails we should open, which in-store card readers and which ATMs have been compromised.

And we should be concerned. Card fraud is an ever-present menace in our lives. Indeed, even though the industry is managing to stop two-thirds of attempted card fraud, the latest figures from UK Finance reveal that criminals still made away with £566 million of our hard-earned cash last year.

Of growing concern is the recent rise of authorised push payment (APP) fraud, where fraudsters trick individuals into sending payments through real-time payment schemes to a bank account controlled by the fraudster. There were 44,000 reported cases of APP fraud in 2017, accounting for £236 million in losses.

Contactless payment cards are also causing great problems for consumers. £6.9 million was lost to contactless card fraud in 2016 – up from £2.8 million the previous year – and recently released figures from UK Finance show that it’s still on the rise. Indeed, contactless card fraud has now overtaken cheque fraud for the first time, as £5.6 million was lost in the first half of 2017.

And now there’s a new threat – contactless card skimming. This is where a criminal doesn’t actually steal any cash from your contactless card, but your card’s details instead, which can then be used to clone cards.

The Da Vinci Choice Card – The Future of Card Payments

With so many millions being lost each and every year, it’s time for a safer payment card.

The same size and shape of a normal plastic debit or credit card, the Da Vinci Choice card is in fact anything but normal. Specifically designed to keep your money safe while spending, the Da Vinci Choice card is a masterpiece of innovation and engineering, and includes its very own working screen with eInk display, numerical touch keypad, microprocessor, battery, and supporting electrical components.

What’s so revolutionary about the Da Vinci Choice card, however, is the fact that it is impossible to copy or clone, and nobody will ever be able to use it except its owner. Nobody.

Link Up to 8 Cards

Da Vinci allows users of the Da Vinci Choice card to link up to eight of their existing funding cards into the one. Any of the linked cards can then be used to simultaneously fund the Da Vinci Choice card as it’s used to fund purchases online, in stores, over the telephone, or when withdrawing cash from an ATM.

This means that you only ever need to carry one single piece of plastic with you wherever you go, and only have to remember one PIN – your secret four-digit Da Vinci PIN – to use any of the cards that are linked to it.

And this is a big part of the Da Vinci Choice card payment revolution. The Da Vinci Choice card is the world’s first polymorphic-payment ready universal card. Polymorphic payments are where every retailer accepts whatever you want to pay with, and the resulting method of payment is secure. This provides users with a consistent payment experience regardless of payment type, platform, settlement method, or destination account.

You can link your Visa®, American Express® and Mastercard® funding cards to your Da Vinci Choice card, and then use any of these cards to fund your purchases with the Da Vinci Choice card, wherever in the world Mastercard® is accepted – regardless of whether the retailer directly accepts the funding card you want to fund the purchase with or not.

This is convenience at its utmost – and it couldn’t be simpler to use. See our short video below to learn how easy it is to link your funding cards to the Da Vinci Choice card.

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Secure Online Spending

Today, one of the main reasons consumers are so susceptible to ecommerce fraud is due to the fact that they have to reveal their funding cards’ security code and month of expiry every time they make a purchase. When a fraudster captures these details, they can then be used time and time again to make fraudulent purchases elsewhere, or even to make a copy of the card itself.

But with the Da Vinci Choice card you never have to reveal your actual funding card details when shopping online. Instead, when you’re prompted for your card’s security code and month of expiry, you simply punch your secret four-digit Da Vinci PIN into the back of the Da Vinci Choice card itself, and the card then automatically generates a one-time, two-digit code you use in place of the card’s month of expiry, followed by a separate three-digit code you use as the card’s security number.

Neither of these codes can be re-used – meaning that they are of absolutely zero value should they be revealed to a fraudster.

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Secure Over-the-counter Spending

And it’s not just online spending that the Da Vinci Choice card is revolutionising – over-the-counter spending is rendered completely secure as well.

This is because, once again, users need to key-in their secret four-digit Da Vinci PIN into the Da Vinci Choice card itself before they are able to use it.

By doing so, the Da Vinci Choice Card then generates a single-use-only, four-digit code that can be used at the point-of-sale. This means that it doesn’t matter if anyone spies the code you’re entering, as it becomes completely worthless once used. And it also doesn’t matter if, for instance, there’s a card skimming device covertly attached to the card reader in the store – for no card details of value can be skimmed. And the same holds true when withdrawing cash from an ATM as well.

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Contactless payments are also rendered safe by the same measure. Again, you must enter your Da Vinci PIN into your Da Vinci Choice card before you can make a contactless payment – meaning that as long as you keep your Da Vinci PIN a secret, no one can use the card except you, even if you lose it or have it stolen.

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Register for Your Da Vinci Choice Card Today

The Da Vinci Choice card is the ultimate device for anyone looking for greater security when making payments. Top-notch security, cutting edge technology and ultra-convenience – the Da Vinci Choice card is the payment card of the future, allowing you to make better, faster, smarter and more secure payments, no matter how or where you’re spending.

Launching in 2018, join the payment revolutionregister for your Da Vinci Choice card today. 

Written by: Simon Hewitt, CEO,

Simon founded Da Vinci based on his passion and expertise in the information and financial security. As a leader in his field, he loves to write about his observations in order to help progress the industry as a whole.