Da Vinci Choice Card: One of the Most Disruptive Technologies Around

3 April 2018

Today, the pace of technological innovation is incredibly fast, with new, disruptive solutions emerging all the time that are changing the ways in which we live, work, and organise ourselves – and the Da Vinci Choice card is right at the vanguard of this exciting revolution.

We must be careful, however, with our use of the word ‘disruption’. It is a label that gets thrown around a lot, with some very loose definitions leading to the term ‘disruptive technology’ being applied to pretty much any new tech product or startup.

However, not all new technologies can be truly described as ‘disruptive’. Sure, some might offer improvements on products or services or systems that already exist. But to be genuinely disruptive, they need to significantly alter an industry. They need to introduce new ways of doing things that markedly shake-up or even overturn, traditional methods and practices.

Think of the PC displacing the typewriter, forever changing the way we work. Email displacing the written letter. Mobile phones displacing phone booths. Smartphones displacing mobile phones.

These are disruptive innovations in the true sense of the term, because they displaced the established technologies that came before them.

Today, financial technology – better known as FinTech – has become one of the most disruptive forces all over the world, radically changing the financial services industry for good. And the Da Vinci Choice card is right at the forefront of the revolution.

A Futuristic Funding Card

Credit and debit cards are undoubtedly disruptive innovations. They have changed the way consumers make payments, ousting cheques almost entirely, and since 2016 have accounted for over 50% of all transactions in the UK – toppling cash from the long-held top spot.

This has happened largely thanks to the proliferation of chip & PIN cards over the past decade or so, which have now mostly displaced the less secure chip & signature system.

Contactless cards are also now on the rise. After getting off to a slow start in the UK when first introduced back in 2007, consumers have gradually become more comfortable with the technology, and 79.3 million contactless debit cards were reported to be in circulation as of October 2017.

However, despite all the conveniences that plastic funding cards enable – not least in being able to use them to make remote purchases online and over the telephone – they are nonetheless flawed creations that carry inherent risks.

Indeed, sophisticated cybercrime and card fraud is almost constantly on the rise, with crooks and criminals continuously coming up with ever-more ingenious ways to exploit the security weaknesses of credit and debit cards and defraud consumers of their hard-earned money.

What’s more, despite the fact that keeping plastic in our wallets is supposed to negate the need for carrying cash, the fact of the matter is that not all retailers accept all cards – at which point, the whole convenience that credit and debit cards enable evaporates instantly.

The Da Vinci Choice Card – Shortlisted for Most Disruptive Financial Sector Technology Award

The Da Vinci Choice card has been designed to combat all of these issues and change the way we make card payments, which is precisely why it is being recognised by the FStech Awards as one of the most disruptive technologies on the market today.

The same size and shape of a regular funding card, the Da Vinci Choice card is in fact much more. Containing its own battery, eInk display screen, numerical touch keypad, microprocessor and supporting electronic components, the Da Vinci Choice card is nothing short of a whole computer that slips neatly inside your purse or wallet.

A futuristic, high-tech, electronic payment device, the Da Vinci Choice card has been designed to provide consumers with the freedom to choose how they want to pay for goods and services and withdraw cash with absolute security.

It is the world’s first EMV certified polymorphic-payment ready universal card with enhanced identity and payment protection. What this means is that the Da Vinci Choice card allows retailers to accept whatever payment method a user chooses, whilst providing a platform for a secure and consistent user experience, regardless of the actual method of payment.

This is because the Da Vinci Choice card allows users to link up to eight of their existing funding cards into the one, any of which can then be used to simultaneously fund the Da Vinci Choice card as it’s used to withdraw cash from an ATM, or make purchases in-store, online or over the telephone anywhere in the world where Mastercard® is accepted.

When being used, the Da Vinci Choice card generates one-time PIN and security codes for use at POS (point of sale) and ATMs. Users access these codes by entering their secret Da Vinci PIN directly into the Da Vinci Choice card itself, and the codes then appear on the eInk display screen.

What this means is that users never have to reveal their actual payment card details when using the Da Vinci Choice card to fund purchases, making it impossible for a cybercriminal to commit identity theft. And it doesn’t even matter if users lose their Da Vinci Choice card or have it stolen, for no one is able to make use of the card – nor any of the funding cards that are linked to it – except the owner (so long as they haven’t revealed their secret Da Vinci Choice PIN to anyone else).

The Da Vinci Choice Card – Disruptive FinTech at its Best

Fraud-proof, polymorphic-payment ready, and impossible to copy or clone, the Da Vinci Choice card is indeed a masterpiece of innovation and engineering, ready to change the way we make card payments forever.

Shortlisted for an FSTech Award this year in the Most Disruptive Financial Sector Technology category, the Da Vinci Choice card is a world’s first, offering convenience without compromise, and is precisely what consumers have been waiting for.

Launching in 2018, join the payment revolution and register for your Da Vinci Choice card today. 

Written by: Simon Hewitt, CEO,

Simon founded Da Vinci based on his passion and expertise in the information and financial security. As a leader in his field, he loves to write about his observations in order to help progress the industry as a whole.